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What is Shilajit?

Also known as Mumijo or black Asphaltum , Shilajit ( Asphaltum bitumens ) is considered unclassifiable. Neither truly vegetable nor entirely mineral, it appears more as an exudate released under the action of heat from the rocks of the high mountains between 2,000 and 4,000 meters of altitude. It collects mainly in the Himalayan ranges – hence the poetic term “tears of the Himalayas” – but also on the slopes of the Altai, the Urals and the Caucasus.

The tarry appearance, with a hue ranging from pale to dark brown, has a unique composition that reflects all the physico-chemical richness of the sediments from which it was formed. It contains humus (the result of plant decomposition) and various organic and mineral matter that have accumulated in the rock over thousands of years in an environment untouched by any environmental pollution .

The first written records of Mumijo are said to be over 3,000 years old in sacred texts written in Sanskrit. According to legend, it was common for the white apes of the Himalayas to chew them, which gave them strength and longevity . In turn, people decided to make use of this extraordinary substance and quickly noticed its benefits on the body and mind .

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What are the benefits of Shiljait?

• Improves Digestion
• Super Antioxidant for Cell Protection
• Supports IQ Development Due to High Gold Content
• Supports Joints and Helps Arthritis Due to High Gold Content
• Supports Healing Due to High
Gold Content • Nootropic (cognitive enhancing) and anxiolytic ( anxiolytic) effects
• Faster and more powerful tissue repair
• Curbs hunger and keeps blood sugar down
• Boosts metabolism
• Produces sustained energy
• Supports a healthy immune response
• Natural performance
enhancer • Regenerates healthy bone marrow and blood
• Improves mental performance
• Maintains emotional balance
• Promotes resilience
• Boosts and increases the healing power of other herbs and supplements
• Cures jet lag
• Improves and normalizes sleep, especially in shift workers • Helps
with sleep deprivation
• Balances mood

Shilajit alone contains 85 different minerals and trace elements , including selenium, and is an effective phytocomplex in Ayurvedic medicine . It possesses all the properties of a Rasayana (the youth and vigour-preserving) compound (1). It belongs to the group of adaptogenic compounds and is valued in particular for its ability to potentiate and enhance the effects of other plants .

In the sexual sphere, Shilajit helps support reproductive function , particularly in men, by interfering with the mechanisms of spermatogenesis (2). In women, it also contributes to menstrual comfort , although it remains of interest after menopause (3).

Shilajit also helps maintain good mental health by acting on multiple levels. In India it is valued to optimize the performance of cognitive tasks (4). Therapists also recommend it for its calming and relaxing powers . Studies in rats have attempted to substantiate a likely inhibitory effect on certain categories of central nervous system neurons (5).

However, it is its regenerating properties that have made it famous. Its main component, fulvic acid, acts as a natural detoxifier for the body (6). Incidentally, most of its positive properties are due to this humus substance (in combination with dibenzo – α -pyrones) (6).

Studies particularly emphasize the special affinity of fulvic acid for the mitochondria, the “energy power plants” of our cells that are responsible for converting glucose into energy (ATP) (7). This partly explains why shilajit aids in the digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and aids in weight management (8-9).

It should be noted that Shilajit contains many other molecules, present in different proportions depending on the place of origin and most likely involved in all the benefits noted: ellagic acid , fatty acids, triterpenes, sterols, polyphenols , phenolic lipids, etc.

Shilajit Benefits for men:

Helps restore well-being after illness
Contains a very wide range of minerals and fulvic acid. 
Supports the immune system and brain function
Promotes a healthy stress response
Promotes healthy aging, makes you feel vital.
Supports memory and emotional balance
Supports healthy hormone balance
✔ Boosts endurance, increases energy levels naturally
Helps with weight

It’s important to note that Shilajit bought only from FDA approved shilajit sellers and always consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplement.

Shilajit benefits for women

  • May improve fertility and increase chances of conception.
  • May help regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate symptoms of PMS.
  • May improve bone health and reduce risk of osteoporosis.
  • May improve overall energy levels and reduce fatigue.
  • May improve cognitive function and memory.
  • May support healthy digestion and improve gut health.
  • May support healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  • May help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • May help support healthy weight management.
  • May improve cardiovascular health.
  • May improve sexual function and libido.
  • May help boost the immune system.
  • May help reduce symptoms of menopause.
  • May have anti-aging properties
  • May help improve overall well-being and quality of life.

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Shilajit is a rare substance found at the high altitude mountains of the Himalayas. It is said to be combination of at least 85 minerals and vitamins. It is free from any sort of chemical or artificial flavor.

Top Benefits of shilajit are : Blood pressure and Blood sugar ( Diabetes ) Control , Skin , Hair , Female Fertility and Private health issues , Men Private health issues , Mental Health , Immune booster , anemia  and many more

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