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Our product is tested and certified by Government department before sale.For information about How To Check Purity Of Shilajit? Please follow any of follow steps.

Pliability – Melts in your hands becoming gooey and sticky (takes about 3 mins). Alternately, if you place it in the refrigerator to cool, it will become very hard and shatter like glass . If you try this, be sure to encase it in a plastic bag so you don’t make a mess or lose bits of your valuable supplement! Pure shilajit will always hold its form and not separate into clumps.

 Solubility – Dissolves completely in warm water or warm milk creating a black golden or reddish black liquid.This process take 5mins. If there is anything added you will be able to spot it at bottom.

 Flame – Will not light on fire or burn like a candle. Heat shilajit with a mini blow torch. It will bubble and produce an ash that emanates outwards. But it WILL NOT BURN.

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