Royal Edition Shilajit Drops | Shilajit Liquid | سائل شيلاجيت (20ml)

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Shilajit (سائل شيلاجيت) By Natural Herbs Shop نفس شيلاجيت أمازون

سائل شيلاجيت Benefits: فوائد شيلاجيت

shilajit has tremendous benefits for male and female both,some of them are:

  • Blood Sugar control  ………   لسيطرة على نسبة السكر في الدم. نفس شيلاجيت أمازون
  • Blood Pressure control……. مراقبة ضغط الدم
  • Stress level …….. مستوى الإجهاد
  • Mood booster …. معدل المزاج
  • Skin re-generation .. تجديد الجلد نفس شيلاجيت أمازون
  • Healthy Aging…. شيخوخة صحية
  • Levels up Body’s vitamin and mineral level …. يرفع مستوى الفيتامينات والمعادن في الجسم
  • Helps in Fertility ( female and male Both) ……يساعد في الخصوبة (للإناث والذكور على حد سواء)
  • Fights with any kind of pain due to weakness .. يحارب مع أي نوع من الآلام الناتجة عن الضعف
  • Immune system straighnter …. جهاز المناعة
  • Regenerative and antibacterial. ….. متجدد ومضاد للبكتيريا.
  • Anti allergic and immune modulator………..المغير المضاد للحساسية والمناعة.
  • Anti-aging (both mental and physical)………… مكافحة الشيخوخة (العقلية والجسدية).
  • Weight loss …….فقدان الوزن
  • Anti-inflammatory……….مضاد التهاب.
  • Enhances bio availability and action of other herbs………. يعزز التوافر الحيوي وعمل الأعشاب الأخرى.
  • Sexual Health… الصحة الجنسية
  • Arthritis … التهاب المفاصل
  • Obesity ..بدانة نفس شيلاجيت أمازون
  • Nervous disorders ….الاضطرابات العصبية
  • Anemia …. فقر دم
  • any many more


Pure Himalayan Shilajit Drops,Combination of at least 85 minerals and vitamins including Fulvic Acid,Humic Acid.No artificial Color of Chemical added.


Dose : 

5 Drops mixed well in any 1/2 glass water Drink ,


Dark brown or Black


Bitter, Mix with honey for change in taste


Himalayan Mountain Ranges


Product is shipped direct from the Himalayas,it reaches your door step within 7-28 working days.



Additional information

Weight 20 g

8 reviews for Royal Edition Shilajit Drops | Shilajit Liquid | سائل شيلاجيت (20ml)

  1. Regina

    Day 3 of taking shilajit. I just realized I’m on my 2nd hour of house cleaning and I have immense energy to spare! Wow! I feel zero sense of the usual fatigue I’d feel by now. My mind is bright and I feel I could study the dictionary and actually enjoy – and remember – every word of it. This stuff borders on magical! I’m studying for the real estate exam in my state and this product will be so helpful. BOOM! (A very, very good boom!)

  2. Dominique James

    We initially started this product because Shilajit is known to increase sperm count and mobility, I’m obviously trying to get pregnant. It is normal for us to have sex 2-3 times weekly, BUT NOW every single night I can feel his manhood trying to penetrate me through the sheets and blankets. We both laugh hilariously, and go with the flow. I have also notice his skin looking more youthful. It have only been about 10 days since he begin taking them. I am very convinced I will be preggers before 2020.

  3. NYC_Chic

    I first ordered this because after a quarter century of smoking weed and drinking, my husband who is muscular, 6’2″, cut up, young looking and otherwise super healthy started having some issues with erectile dysfunction. I saw the change in him immediately, within a few days it was like he was his old self circa 1995, again. I started taking it and it worked so well for me as far as making me feel motivated mentally and boosting my energy that I started working out and getting my life together. I would recommed it for that alone BUT – the biggest change I saw this cause was in our 23 year old son. My son failed out of college a few years ago and retreated into a HORRIBLE world of video game addiction. He stopped playing ball, stopped going out and other than to go do things that he absolutely HAD TO, would just stay in his room, getting fat, playing World of Warcraft and gorging on takeout.
    My son went from a 6′ tall, lean and muscular athlete to close to 300 pounds. He started growing breasts and a huge behind. He is handsome like his father but had no girls, no one checking for him, no female company coming to the house for like two years.And he became emotional and irrational. I was SO worried for my son. I started giving him the shilajit drops in late October, early November. I feel like crying when I think about where he was in life at that time. I was so worried about his physical and mental health. It is now mid-February. He has lost about 40 lbs. He is working out. He has almost totally reduced the breasts that were growing. And he is active again, ditched the glasses and got contacts, started caring about his appearance and girls again. He is not yet 100% his old self again but this has been like magic as far as getting him back on the path to it. In addition to taking the shilajit, he stopped eating everything with soy, cut back on his sugar and takes another pill called More Man and a liquid drops called tribulus but not regularly because he is still on the first bottles of both. It’s DEFINITELY been the shilajit.
    I would recommend this to EVERYONE. I thank God that I found this

  4. Essak

    Awesome Product

  5. Her Royal Highness Lori Miller

    From hubby: Tastes great! Smells great! I hadn’t taken shilajit in years and I regret having gone without for so long. Energy levels are up, libido is wayyy up, endurance is up, and vivid dreams are abundant. My wife doesn’t believe me, but I dreamt that a giant came to me and explained that this shilajit was what remained of his ancient body, his life’s blood, and it would make me grow stronger, bolster my willpower, and bestow upon me a magical blessing and give me wisdom! What an amazing dream it was! Now I don’t know if it’s going to do all that, but I see myself getting stronger in many ways and I look forward to taking it!

  6. Maddison H.

    I kept seeing ads on FB for this and Ive been researching into Ayurvedic recently, so I thought I would try it. Let me tell you, I really like it so far! Ive been using about 2-3 weeks. We are renovating our new home and Im out of shape (to say the least) I have been taking shilajit every morning and I have energy after my regular job still, Im not sore like I would expect from all the manual labor involved in my house renovations. I gave some to a couple friends and they can tell a difference as well. I just bought some more!

  7. Mohammad

    Good source of minerals

  8. Peter white

    I take it every morning on empty stomach I put 3 drop in warm water I wait 30 minutes and then I have my breakfast worth the money

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