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To cure allergies completely and forget about them forever is the dream of everyone who suffers from allergic reactions to pollen, flowering, wool, chemical detergents and so on. But modern methods of treatment, such as ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy) or ALT (autolymphocyte therapy), are expensive, and they do not help everyone and not always. Therefore, people with low incomes have to look for simpler methods of treatment.

Shilajit , which is sometimes called mountain wax, balm, resin or oil, is often offered as one of these alternative ways to deal with allergies. Official medicine recognizes the healing properties of shilajit, but how effective is it for allergies? Finding an answer to this question will be the subject of further discussion.


An allergy is the result of a malfunction in the normal functioning of the immune system, in which the immune system begins to recognize harmless irritants as a direct threat to the body. That is why allergic reactions occur to substances that are completely safe for a healthy person: flower pollen, nuts, latex, wool, etc.

From this follows a logical conclusion: the treatment of allergies lies in the plane of correcting the normal functioning of the immune system.


Shilajit for allergies


Shilajit is a unique natural organic product that contains many minerals, acids and unique biologically active compounds of complex chemical composition.

There is a heated debate about the origin of the shilajit. According to one version, these are bat excrements that have undergone a complex transformation in special climatic conditions. According to another version, shilajit is bee hives from the era of the primitive age, buried under mountain rubble and also undergoing a transformation in unique conditions. There are also more exotic theories, but no one has yet given a definitive answer to the question “what is shilajit”.

But it is absolutely precisely established that the intake of shilajit inside has a general strengthening, healing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and most importantly, an immune modulator effect on the human body. The latter property was the reason that shilajit began to be considered as a drug for the treatment of allergies.


A scientific study of the medicinal properties of shilajit was carried out in the 1960s-1980s by a number of Soviet scientists: A. Shakirov, T. Abdurakhmanov, A. Vishnevsky, Yu. Nuraliyev, M. Kuzminova and others.

The anti-allergic properties of shilajit were noticed as a side result of studies that studied the effect of “mountain resin” on the rate of healing of fractures, the treatment of radiation sickness and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, etc. Observations of the tested patients showed a moderate decrease in allergic reactions in as a result of systemic intake of recommended doses of shilajit.

Subsequently, popular rumour greatly exaggerated the anti-allergic properties of shilajit, thereby greatly undermining his credibility. In reality, shilajit does not work miracles, and 1-2 courses of its intake are not enough to cure allergies, especially long-term and neglected ones.

Since the immune modulatory effect is not the main property of shilajit, the decrease in allergic reactions occurs slowly. And tangible results can be noted only after 3-5 years of systematic use. Based on this, it is possible to recommend the use of shilajit for allergies only for mild and seasonal allergies, and for severe allergic reactions, shilajit can only be used as an auxiliary and symptom-relieving agent.


There are two main schemes of how you can drink natural shilajit to treat allergies.

Scheme No. 1 : in the morning and in the evening, take 0.2 grams (a piece the size of a match head) shilajit dissolved in a glass of warm water. You need to drink shilajit on an empty stomach in the morning and 2 hours after eating in the evening. The course is 10 days, then a break of 5 days. In total, take 3 courses, after which a six-month break, and again return to the reception.

Scheme number 2 : dosage and time of admission remain unchanged. The duration of the intake increases: 25 days of shilajit, then a 10-day break, drink 3 courses, then a half-year break.

The first regimen is used to treat mild allergic reactions that are easily controlled by taking antihistamines. The second scheme is used to achieve faster results with severe allergies. Tableted and encapsulated shilajit are taken according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Important : during the course of taking shilajit, you should not drink alcohol.


It is widely believed that natural, that is, unrefined shilajit, is better than purified pharmacy. These views do not coincide with the results of the observations of A. Shakirov and other Soviet scientists, who noted that purified shilajit helps to achieve more pronounced results in a much shorter period. On the other hand, in those days one could not be afraid to buy some kind of fake instead of a real shilajit.


Shilajit really helps to reduce, and sometimes completely eliminate allergic reactions, regardless of the type of their manifestation. But this will work only on the condition that the allergy does not increase over time at all, or increases very slightly. With the rapid progression of the disorder, the slowly accumulating effect of taking shilajit will not have time to compensate for the deterioration of the patient’s condition. That is why shilajit can only be recommended as an auxiliary method of therapy with a very delayed result.


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