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There are many causes of joint pain. These can be infectious diseases, and the result of injury, and degenerative changes. Joint pain can also be characterized by the appearance of such diseases: arthritis and arthrosis. What is the difference between these two diseases?

For an ordinary person, there is no difference in the name of the disease, they just have pain, which significantly limits the quality of life.


The most common disease of the musculoskeletal system is arthrosis or osteoarthritis, deforming arthrosis. Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints in which the cartilage (tissue around the joints) is destroyed and inflammation comes later. With arthrosis, a malnutrition of the joint occurs.

The disease refers to chronic, long-term current degenerative dystrophic lesions of the joints. It manifests itself in joint pain and limitation of movement in the joints, shortening or instability of the limb, muscle atrophy, and a number of other symptoms. Osteoarthritis occurs in more than 80% of the population aged 55-64 years, but can appear after 40 years.


Shilajit is a rare substance found at the high altitude mountains of the Himalayas. It is said to be combination of at least 85 minerals and vitamins. It is free from any sort of chemical or artificial flavour.

Like wise other benefits shilajit helps in different type of body pains by balancing essential Vitamins and chemicals in the body. 

Shilajit for Arthrosis :

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Disease types

Depending on the cause of the disease, arthrosis is divided into primary and secondary. Primary arthrosis mainly manifests itself after 40 years with constant hard physical work. Several joints are usually affected at the same time.

Secondary arthrosis can develop at any age as a result of trauma, vascular disorders, congenital dysplasia of the joints, arthritis and affects one or two joints.

The social significance of this disease is growing every year, the disease affects younger and more able-bodied people. About 80% of patients have impaired mobility in the affected joints, which affects the quality of professional skills, a decrease in the quality of life and leads to earlier retirement.

Currently, osteoarthritis is difficult to treat. This is due both to the weak effect of drugs on the processes occurring in the articular cartilage, and to the opinion that if there is no pain, then there is no need to treat. Thus, treatment is postponed for a long period of time and attention is paid to the disease at the stage when very significant and already irreversible changes in the joint occur. This approach only leads to the treatment of pain intensity. Assessment of joint functional activity and quality of life is often not given. The patient falls into such a framework that he is forced to struggle with pain, and at the moment he is not interested in how the joint bends or does not bend.

Disease prevention

The issue of disease prevention is practically not raised. Although it has already been proven that weight loss, exercise and a healthy lifestyle prevent the development of arthrosis, even with an X-ray manifestation of the disease.

Why is this happening? The psychology of a patient who comes to see a doctor is simple. “Doctor, give me a pill that I can drink and be healthy,” most people think so. Minimum effort – maximum result, that’s what we want. The doctor tries to explain to the patient that the treatment is a long process and not a single pill will help at once, and if he still raises the issue of excess weight, the patient will leave the doctor unhappy. And the doctor has a lot of such patients and therefore it is very difficult to explain this to everyone. The perception of a person is such that if the pain has diminished, then the disease has passed. Therefore, patients love those doctors who prescribe more painkillers and do not greatly delay treatment. In fact, the disease progresses and worsens the condition of the joint. The patient is again dissatisfied with the result and begins to turn to traditional medicine,

Treatment of arthrosis is reduced to drug and physical therapy. At the same time, rehabilitation measures are important – physiotherapy exercises, physical procedures, massages, rational construction of a motor regime.


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