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Shilajit is a natural remedy that has been present in folk medicine for several decades. With the help of the Natural Herbs Shop Shilajit, people could heal any disease and injury, including bone fractures. But how did the shilajit appear? A very long time ago, people found a dark substance in the mountains, which had a specific smell. However, upon contact with wounds, it has been observed that the regenerative function increases significantly. The advantage of shilajit is that fractures can be treated in patients of any age and regardless of gender. In modern medicine, shilajit is far from the last place and is actively used to treat external wounds, as well as to splice bones.

Shilajit for the treatment of fractures

Broken bones are one of the most severe injuries received by a person, because this is a load on the entire motor complex. Any injury or pathology can break the integrity of the bone, resulting in deformation. In special cases, there is a detrimental effect on the muscle structure if the fracture is internal, closed.

In case of bone fractures, the patient has severe pain, swelling of the damaged area, and a high temperature is observed. Over time, the deformed bone becomes covered with calluses, and later fusion occurs. This is the most favourable moment to start therapy.

The use of shilajit will depend on the type of fracture, the affected area, and the time period. But how to take shilajit for fractures? You need to wait a little while the bones begin to grow together. Only then should treatment begin. Shilajit can be used both internally and applied to the affected area.

Important: before starting shilajit therapy, you need to consult a treating specialist. The greatest effect of the application can be achieved through combination therapy.


Shilajit for Bone Fracture

How to drink shilajit for broken bones

For the treatment of fractures, Natural Herbs Shop Shilajit recommended. The tool has a powerful therapeutic effect, and is also universal, because it is used both externally and internally. It is worth remembering that only a specialist can indicate how to drink shilajit in case of bone fractures. Self-use will only bring harm.

If a plaster was applied, then it is better to take the shilajit orally. There are two ways to do this: the preparation of an aqueous solution or a combination with honey.

Water solution

Shilajit cannot be dissolved in alcohol. Normal boiled water (warm) or freshly squeezed juice is recommended. Oral administration of an aqueous solution can eliminate any cracks in the bones, as well as “treat” old fractures.

The cooking algorithm is as follows:

  • bring to a boil a quarter liter of water or juice;
  • at the tip of a tablespoon, he adds a resinous shilajit to the liquid;
  • waits 20-30 minutes for the mixture to cool completely;
  • drink a few hours before meals, you need to take the medicine only on an empty stomach.

The therapeutic course is a month. You can take the drug no more than 1 time per day. Instructions for use states that if necessary, therapy can be extended, but not more than 2 weeks.

Important: you can take the medicine according to the dosage. Only in this case, the therapeutic course will be successful.

Shilajit with honey

To restore a deformed bone, which is a closed type injury, in case of a hip or hip fracture, it is recommended to drink shilajit with honey. It is the sweet product that allows you to repeatedly enhance the therapeutic effect of the resinous substance. To prepare the medicine, you need 1 gram of shilajit, 100 ml of boiled chilled water and 150 grams of honey. Mix the resinous substance with water (preferably in a glass jar) and leave in a warm place for several days. Then add honey and mix thoroughly. Scheme of administration: twice a day, a teaspoon, preferably on an empty stomach.

Attention: if the patient suffers from honey intolerance, it is strictly forbidden to use this remedy.

The use of shilajit by the external method

The resinous substance can also be used for external use. In this way, not only the bone structure is restored, but also the skin with muscle fibers. External use of Shilajit is recommended for multiple or open bone deformities. For example, with a broken leg, arm or spine. Apply the product directly to the affected area. If there is no pain, it is recommended to lightly massage the injured area when applying. So the treatment of the fracture will be as effective as possible.


In case of a fracture of the spine, one bone in several places or an open injury, the best solution would be to prepare an ointment based on shilajit. It is immediately worth noting that the remedy is strictly prohibited for people suffering from allergies. If you decide to make an ointment at your own peril and risk, then at the first allergic manifestations, you should immediately visit a medical facility.

The algorithm for preparing the ointment is as follows:

  • It is necessary to warm up to a liquid state 100 grams of honey.
  • When the desired consistency is reached, shilajit (1 gram) is added.
  • Next, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is formed.
  • We put the container with the ointment in a dark place, devoid of the influence of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Stir again after a day.

The remedy for fractures is ready! Apply the ointment evenly, in a thin layer. After application, cover with a paper towel or plastic bag. It is best to use the ointment before going to bed and leave the compress overnight.

Massage paste

In case of a fracture of the ankle, femoral neck or wrist, massage paste on the shilajit is best. In general, the remedy is suitable for a rehabilitation event when the bone has already begun to grow together.

It is necessary to mix baby cream and 1 gram of resinous shilajit. It is best to mix in a flat dish, so that later it is convenient to apply to the affected area. The therapeutic course is 2 weeks.

Shilajit for the treatment of fractures in children

Children are the most potential risk group, which most often have fractures. This is due to the fact that the child’s body is still quite weak and a minor injury is enough to provoke a fracture of the bone. But, the shilajit is absolutely safe for children, although it must be used according to certain conditions.

For example, tablets or powder are not suitable for babies. You need a purified Altai shilajit, which is a resinous substance. In addition, it can be used only under the strict supervision of a doctor who will adjust the dosage.

The amount of medication, as well as the dosage, varies with the child’s age, body weight, and the extent and area of ​​damage. With minor injuries (bone puncture), it is enough to anoint with the remedy for literally two weeks to completely eliminate the problem. But with deeper damage, a serious therapeutic course based on shilajit is required.

You can treat fractures in children with the help of ointment and massage paste on the shilajit. It is not recommended to use honey, according to research, every third child is allergic to it.

In addition, in case of bone fractures in children, shilajit can be taken orally, but only with the permission of the treating specialist.


For the treatment of the elderly

Fractures in the elderly are not common, but, unfortunately, possible. Elderly people are the second risk group after children, most often prone to fractures. The lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body depletes the bones, which leads to their deformities. As a result, trauma occurs, the consequences of which can last for months or even years.

For the treatment of fractures in the elderly, rubbing on the Shilajit is used. For cooking, you need only two ingredients: rose oil and 1 gram of shilajit. Mix the components, bring to a homogeneous mass. Rub the damaged area every day.

Is shilajit really useful for bone fractures, because patient reviews indicate that the remedy is incredibly effective? Undoubtedly! Very rarely, the opinions of traditional and modern medicine coincide, but in this case, many therapists and traumatologists recommend treating fractures of any type with the Shilajit.



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