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What our customers say about the Himalayan Shilajit we supply?

Shilajit (Sheelajit, silajit, shelajit ,asphaltum) which is known for its rejuvenating and aphrodisiac properties contains approximately 85 minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally as well as fulvic acid which helps the body absorb these minerals at a cellular level.

We at the ‘Natural Herbs Shop’ are supplying the high grade Himalayan Shilajit to our customers from around the world for a decade now. It is important to us how our customers review our product and if they are satisfied with our services or not! To keep the trust of our customers in us we not only take care of the quality of our products but we also offer a free counsel regarding their doubts and concerns.

"Great seller! I will order again soon."
Anderson Smith
"Fast delivery, uncomplicated communication, fast responses and the product met my expectations. I am feeling much better than before and I recommend this supplement to anyone who feels stressed out and emotionally weak. It gives an energy boost. ."
Moore H.Baker
You have earned my trust. Thank you."
Sarah William
"Satisfactory Experience. This was the first time I ordered Shilajit because my friend suggested it to me for the fatigue and joint aches. After taking the first month of recommended daily dosage I’m feeling less fatigue than before however my problem is not completely solved."
Linda Jeff
"Very good service and disposal."
Thomas Clark
"I was told to try this by a friend who’d been taking it and seen some amazing improvements and I’m glad I listened. I’ve very quickly noticed an increase in my energy (which as a busy working Mum, has been welcomed). I generally feel calmer too and a bit more resilient to life’s stresses. I’ve only been taking it a week or so, but I’ve also noticed that my existing back and foot problems are feeling a lot better. Not aching like they were. This is really amazing stuff and when I take it, it’s just feels right and like my body wants and needs it. The taste is strong but as I’m busy I just pop it on my tongue. I highly recommend this. Definitely worth the money as I don’t need all the jars of different vitamins and minerals that I had before, which weren’t nearly as effective.."
Danielle Johnson
"I have been using Natural Herbs Shop Shilajit for a week now and have noticed improvements in my energy levels and even my libido! This is really good quality shilajit and I'm so happy to have found such a great supplier of quality shilajit at a reasonable price, in a happy man.."
Robert Adamson
"The real deal This is as good, and even smoother, than the more expensive brands I’ve tried. I feel very grounded it with it. Amazing! I just ordered more before they realise and put the price up."
Laura D
"Great customer service provided, this is a truly natural and innovative product that will bring benefits to all, I have tried a few different shilajit over the years and this is excellent quality, you can certainly tell it's the real deal. I highly recommend everyone indulge in boosting your body, mind and soul!."
"what a great product this is! Sure, this stuff might not taste that good - although I have found some great tips from the brands Facebook page(natural herb shop) to make hot teas and hot chocolates with the shiljit - but the health benefits this wonderful supplement has is really mind-blowing. I was thinking the other day, that shilajit really is the real essence of mother earth, it comes from deep in the ground and has been there for thousands of years - hence why the minerals and qualities are so potent. I love what this does for my energy, sleep and general health. if you are considering trying this, go for it, see what it does for you!"
Pardeep Kumar

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