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First of all mumiyo is not shilajit. Shilajit is rare substance found at high Altitude mountains of The Himalayas.Where as Mumiyo is from Russain. Shilajt and Mumiyo are both totally different substances. Shilajit is Highly potent substance where is Mumiyo is from low altitude mountains and is naturally nothing as compared to shilajit. Unfortunately they both look same hence scammers sell Mumiyo in the name of Shilajit with low price.Customer happily buy this low price product not knowing that it isn’t what they have paid for.


Shilajit is a mixture of minerals used traditionally in Ayurveda , with the main bio active of Fulvic Acid. It appears to be a promising health reformer, but is currently in the initial stages of research.


Shilajit may contain impurities, depending on the country of origin, standards of health and regulations in that country, and training and professionalism of those preparing the herbal remedies. Similarly, some Ayurvedia herbs have been found to contain high levels of heavy metals therefore before selecting your product we advise you to take into consideration if the supplier is trustworthy or not. Likewise, shilajit should not be taken in raw or unprocessed form, as it may contain fungus growth, high levels of free radicals, which could damage cells and cellular structures in the body.


While shilajit may be safely used by individuals in many cases, the herb may lower blood pressure in some. The reasons may vary but the possible reasons according to our foundlings at the ‘Natural Herbs Shop’ are following;

  • The impurities found in the substance.
  • Not following the proper dosage method.
  • Exceeding the daily intake of the herb.


What we recommended is to ask for a Certificate of Analysis and / or only buy from reputable sellers and you can for sure count us in this category of the suppliers. We are trustworthy because we care about the health and well-being of our customers.

Best Hydrating Drink Besides Water, Shilajit for fertility

Note: We also advise that the individuals with any type of suspected or diagnosed heart conditions should talk to their doctor about taking shilajit to prevent a drop in blood pressure that may cause fainting, dizziness or falls. Shilajit may also adversely affect diabetics for the same reason. A diabetic with low blood sugar levels may feel faint, weak, or unbalanced due to the effects of shilajit in the system. However, according to our knowledge the proper intake of pure shilajit has no side effects and is safe to consume for the overall health and proper functioning of body.

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