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What are the side effects of Shilajit ?

  • One should consider Below points when buying Shilajit
  • Buy always from Authorized and authentic dealers
  • Buy direct from the source (Himalayan shilajit should be bought from the sellers based in The Himalayas).If a seller sells this from Within the non- Himalayan country then you should ask him that when was the product imported to that native country.Make sure you get fresh import sheet,it is to ensure that product is fresh and is not 1-5 years old.
  • Always ask for COS sheets or lab test report of the product.
  • Mumiyo is not shilajit, Mumiyo is a product from Russia , Where as Shilajit is from Himalayas.They are totally different products. Mumiyo is Cheap in price and is less effective as compared to Shilajit.
  • When buying ask for Shilajit State , for example if shilajit is in “liquid form” then it should be cheap as compared to “paste form”
Shilajit doesn’t have expiry unless kept with care,DO ask above questions to seller.

Who We are ?


We are Suppliers of the Purest Himalayan Shilajit based in the Heart of The Himalayas Mountain Ranges. We are in the business since 1981. Our Hard working specialist team travel several days on the deadly road to reach high altitude mountains. The collect Raw shilajit for us. We then process This Shilajit , Yet deliver it worldwide Direct from the Himalayas. NO artificial Color or chemical is added.

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