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Shilajit, said to be a mineral in the Himalayas, is said to have formed over a long period of time due to the bodies of plants and animals. Its English name is shilajit

Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, is the result of a long-term process of breaking down plant matter and minerals. It’s a thick, black, tar-like substance that comes from rocks in the mountains.

Shilajit has traditionally originated in India and Tibet, although it is now found in many other countries.

Shilajit has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and the compounds in it appear to benefit many conditions. In this article, learn about the benefits and possible side effects of this natural substance.

What is Shilajit used for

Ten potential benefits of Shilajit

When used correctly, shilajit may be beneficial to the body. This may be partly due to high concentrations of fulvic and humic acids and many minerals.

  1. Brain Function

Many of the compounds found in shilajit may aid brain function and may even aid in Alzheimer’s treatment.

A study in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease states that shilajit is traditionally used for longevity and slowing aging. The compounds in it may help manage cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers hope that shilajit will prevent cognitive impairment, but more research is needed to explore these possibilities.

  1. Aging

One study noted that fulvic acid, one of the key compounds in shilajit, acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. As such, it may help reduce free radicals and cell damage in the body, two key factors in aging.

Daily supplementation of shilajit may help with overall vitality and the slow aging process in some people.

  1. Anemia

Anemia occurs when there are not enough healthy cells or hemoglobin in the blood. There are many causes of anemia, including iron deficiency.

  • Iron deficiency anemia can cause a variety of symptoms in the body, including:
  • irregular heartbeat
  • fatigue and weakness
  • cold hands and feet
  • Headache

Shilajit contains high concentrations of humic acid and iron, which may help treat iron deficiency anemia. However, it is important to explore this option with your doctor before taking supplements.

  1. Antivirus

Various minerals and compounds found in shilajit may also help ward off viruses. One study noted that shilajit can ward off and kill many different viruses in isolation, including some herpes viruses.

The researchers commented that although it appears to be effective, more fact-related research is needed to support these claims.

  1. Chronic fatigue

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that shilajit helped reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in subjects.

The researchers noted that shilajit may help improve cellular function in the body, which means it can reduce fatigue at the root of the problem and naturally increase energy levels.

  1. Altitude sickness

One claim made by traditional physicians is that shilajit can help relieve altitude sickness. Changes in high-altitude pressure can have a big impact on some people. Symptoms of altitude sickness include body aches and fatigue, as well as brain and lung congestion and hypoxia.

Shilajit is a complex substance containing over 80 different minerals, as well as fulvic and humic acids. Because of this broad range of beneficial components, shilajit is thought to help reduce many symptoms of altitude sickness.

It can help improve cognitive processes in the brain, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation, all of which can reduce altitude sickness.

  1. Liver cancer

Hirajit has also shown promise against certain types of cancer cells. One study found that shilajit helps destroy cancer cells in the liver.

It also stops these cancer cells from multiplying. The researchers noted that their results suggest that shilajit has anticancer effects, but more research is needed.

  1. Heart Health

Shilajit may also protect the heart and improve heart health. Recent studies using rats point to the protective effects of shilajit on the heart.

Animals that received shilajit before heart injury suffered less damage to the heart than animals that did not receive shilajit.

It is important to note that shilajit may lower blood pressure in some cases and should not be taken by anyone with active heart disease.

  1. Obesity

Carrying extra weight can tire your muscles and put pressure on your bones. A study in the “Journal of Medicinal Food” noted that those who took an oral supplement of purified siragide responded better than those who did not exercise.

The researchers noted that shilajit appears to activate genes in the body that help skeletal muscles quickly adapt to new exercises. This can mean less fatigue and strength over time.

  1. Male fertility and testosterone

Shilajit has also been studied to improve male fertility. One study gave 60 thin men twice a day for 90 days.

After the trial period, almost half of the men who completed the treatment showed an increase in total sperm count and sperm motility, or the number and precision with which sperm move towards the egg, both of which are factors in male fertility,

Another study looked at the ability of shilajit to increase testosterone levels in healthy volunteers. Men aged 45 to 55 were given 90 days. At the end of this period, the researchers noticed a significant increase in total testosterone levels.

Shilajit is available as a powder or as a supplement soluble in milk or water.

A person can dissolve a pea-sized portion of shilajit in the liquid and drink it three times a day according to the directions on the package.

The recommended dose of shilajit is 300 to 500 mg per day. However, it is important for a person to speak with a doctor before taking any natural supplements.

Potential side effects

Studies have shown that shilajit is safe for long-term use as a dietary supplement. However, using shilajit has some potential side effects.

Shilajit might lower blood pressure, which can be dangerous for users of high blood pressure medications. People with active heart disease or a history of low blood pressure should avoid taking shilajit to prevent a drop in blood pressure.P

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