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What is Alkanet Root ( Ratanjot )? What are benefits of Alkanet Root Powder (Ratanjot Powder )

Ratan Jot or Alkanna tinctoria, also commonly known as alkanet, is a plant that belongs to the Borage family

Organic Alkanet Root ( Ratanjot Powder )

Ratan Jot has been found to be beneficial in maintaining one’s overall wellness. Its use as a healthy herb dates back to centuries. The alkanet plant, especially its root, is said to provide ample number of health benefits and treatment for common ailments. Read on to know more about the attributes of this herb along with its traditional and generalized, modern day health benefits and the caution that one needs to follow when using Ratan Jot.

Traditional Uses Of Ratan Jot

Product Description:

Alkanet plant is also known as dyer’s, bugloss, Spanish bugloss and etc. It is native to Mediterranean region It is a herb and it belongs to borage family. It is main tame in its roots and it is used as a red dye. Alkanet a biennial herö and It is cultivated in central and southern europe_ It has oval leaves that grow on a plump hairy stem. And it rises to approximately 1-3 feet. It color is grey but it will change toa lovely purple-pink hue. It is botanical name is alkanna tinctorim It is origin to Europe and its appearance powdered. Alkanna (Ratanjot) has a bright blue flower. This powder is combined well with organic comfrey root powder. The alkanet root powder is commonly used in Pakistan & Indian foods and the Sub-continent name of alkanet root is “Ratan Jott

Suggested directions:

Alkanet is generally infused in Olive Oil. The color will vary from shades of pink, red, burgundy or blue-purple depending on the amount of Alkanet used and any additional ingredients it is blended with. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY.

For oil-based products, infuse oil by placing approximately 1 TBSP in ¼ cup of oil. Shake or stir daily for a few days, then strain out the root. Heat may be used to help speed up the process. The ratio of Alkanet Root Powder to oil will need to be altered according to the product being made. Adjust amounts as necessary.

In soap, Alkanet Root Powder will yield shades of pink, blue, and purple, depending upon the amount used, types of oil used, and the alkalinity of the soap.

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