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What is Licorice Root (Mulethi) ? What are the benefits of licorice root?

Licorice is a herb that people have used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments. Although licorice does have medicinal effects, scientific research supports some of its uses.

Organic Licorice Roots (Mulethi) Fine Powder

Due to its sweet flavor, licorice is also popular as a sweetener in candies, and manufacturers sometimes use it to mask the flavor of medications. Some licorice candy does not contain any part of the licorice plant but uses anise oil as a flavoring instead because it tastes and smells similar to licorice.

Licorice is available in many forms, including herbal teas, candies, capsules of dried herb, and liquid extract.

Benefits of licorice

There are more than 300 different compounds in licorice, some of which have antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Some clinical studies investigating the potential benefits of licorice have had promising results, particularly in the following areas:

Bio Pharmacy Licorice is known for its benefit to digestive health. Taking licorice as an oral supplement can help in the production of healthy mucus. Licorice flavors are used as candies or sweeteners.

Licorice powder mask is used as a home remedy for skin lightening. The product is 100% Pure and Natural. No Fillers. No Starch. No Corn Powder. No Rice Powder. Absolutely, no additives. No Preservatives

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