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What is Shilajit | Shilgate | Top Benefits of Shilajit Egypt | Chillagit

Shilgate is a tar-like resin rich in nutrients. For centuries, Ayurvedic doctors have used them as supplements and mineral supplements to treat different diseases.

Shilgate is formed from decomposing dubs pulled in the Tibetans and Himalayas and are collected in the gathered rock cracks. Shalagit consumption started from Himalayan villages as people were watching groups of monkeys migrate over the summer to feed on a dark resin bleeding from slopes.

The villagers noticed that the resin-fed monkeys look bigger and stronger than the ones they didn’t eat. Due to its high quality metal makeup, it has many benefits for the body, which you will notice when you first try it.


Improves oxygen transfer in the body


Chillagit is rich in fulvic acid composed during organic degradation by Earth’s microorganisms. folic acid improves the absorption of minerals in the human body.

Iron is an important metal in the body because of its function in producing hemoglobin and transmitting oxygen throughout the body. Iron is one of the most difficult minerals absorbing iron need and is the most common food disorder in the world.

Shilgit has taken increase the body’s ability to absorb iron to cater daily iron from 8 to 18 mg depending on age and gender. This in turn significantly improves the body’s ability to transmit oxygen through the bloodstream.


Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol

Shilajit’s initial ability to enhance the absorption of minerals in the body improves blood quality. Reduces blood glucose, which is the main cause of diabetes.

With the rise in diabetes in global food intake, Shilgit reduces the effect of disease on the body. In fact, Ayurvedic doctors use Shilagit to treat diabetes.

In addition, it stimulates the pancreas capacity to produce insulin and glucose duplication and then regulate cholesterol levels.

Continuous consumption reduces the pain of hunger and the intense desire to eat salty, military, and fat-rich foods that potentially impede blood cholesterol and blood sugar level in the body.


Boosts cognitive performance

The most exciting experience with Shilgate for the first time is the gradual improvement in the ability to concentrate, solve problems and remember events. Increasing supply of nutrients and blood in the brain enhances the brain’s ability to learn new things.

A study by the Center for Physiology Research at Karman University of Medical Sciences revealed that Shilgit reduces the risk of blood edema and pressure inside the skull after a traumatic brain attack.

Shilajit for Women, shilajit benefits for women

Alzheimer’s disease

High metal concentration reduces the pre-oxidation of brain cells that reduces an individual’s ability to perceive at old age when Alzheimer‘s disease is more common.


Fighting diseases

Mother Nature’s natural metal nature has about 85 minerals, boosting the body’s immune system. These minerals help the body restore normal functioning of the organs of the body and thus improve immune function.


Shilgate helps the body achieve the daily consumption required of different nutrients, which weakens the body’s lack. High content of Humic Acids and Volvic located in Shilgate helps the body absorb important minerals that help combat deadly diseases such as diabetes, anaemia, kidney stones, neurological disorders, heart disease, and gland disorder Thyroid, arthritis, and obesity.


Boosts hormonal balance

The human endocrine system depends heavily on a sound diet to maintain optimal health. Endocrine system is responsible for important body function such as reproduction, growth, development, use, storage, and sleep regulation.

Shilgit is high in amino acids that help endocrine system maintain healthy performance. Immediate results of first-time swallowing Shilgate is the ability to deal with stress, anxiety, and endurance against depressing stages.

As an antidepressant, Shelgate promotes mood stability and improves hormonal imbalance in the body and thus ensuring healthy emotional life.


Anti aging component

One of the most important benefits of Shilgate is his ability to slow down aging. Many progressive diseases are associated with aging due to harmful oxidation of free radicals.

Free radicals create oxidative damage, which increases as we age, increasing the spread of Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, dementia, heart disease and osteoporosis. Shilgate slow down pre oxidation from cells that come with aging.

This prevents collagen loss, sagging skin, forming wrinkles, and developing acne scars on the skin. It also helps maintain calcium in the body and therefore maintains body strength. This enhances body strength and feeling young even at old age.


improves physical performance

Traditionally, Shalagit has been referred to as ′′ Mountain Conqueror ′′ because of its ability to renew the body’s energy. Shilgate enhances mitochondria function that helps convert nutrients and oxygen to ATP that body cells power with extra energy.

After exercise or hard work, Shalagit increases stamina, enhances brain performance better, increases muscle strength and natural muscle strength. To quickly restore energy from a disease or exercise, Shilgit helps complement ATP, which significantly decreases in body tissue.

Due to its ability to achieve balance in the body’s cholesterol level, Shalagit improves overall stamina and supports bone regeneration and weak body muscles.


Boosts sexual desire

For centuries, Shelgate has recommended as a powerful natural sexual stimulant to complement low sexual motivation in both men and women. It positively affects the reproductive organs by increasing blood supply and encouraging testosterone production.

Commonly referred to as Indian Viagra, Shilgate is a natural supplement that encourages sound sperm manufacture and reduce the side effect of Fiura.

Among the villages in the Himalayas, Ayurveda Shilagit doctors were used to treat impotence, especially in men.


Increase the rich metal

Volvic acid, one of the main components of shilgate plays a crucial role in the body. folic acid is typically found in higher health soil and hence absent on commercial farms that plant crops without giving land a break.

Since Shilgate is formed through natural degradation, it contains a high percentage of Volvic acid, which helps the body absorb important nutrients from foods.

High quality shilgit contains a high percentage of minerals, which helps complement the shortfalls in zinc, iron, calcium, and selenium and thus promote optimal health.



Ensures quality of sleep

Insomnia is a growing health concern affecting about 34 % of the world’s population. Doctors attribute insomnia to poor feeding habits, stress and depression.

When the body is nourished and balanced with good nutrition, chances of improving the quality of sleep increase. Unlike coffee, Shalagit helps you deal with stress, and since it doesn’t contain caffeine, it doesn’t interfere with your sleeping patterns.

It also reduces sleep deprivation anxiety to ensure that the body fits with normal sleep rhythm. For those who travel a lot, with Shilajit adjusting to changes in different geographical environments that overlap with sleeping patterns.


Final thought

Shilgit has many health benefits with the main benefits described above. Demand for the world’s population has produced its pursuit.

Well not everyone will tolerate the rise of the Himalayas or the Tibetan mountains to Shilagit. Even when you get it fresh, it tastes like rubber tires and then it should become palatable by mixing it with milk, fresh water or honey.


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