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Which form of Shilajit is best ?

Each of us at least once wondered, Shilajit, what it is and what it heals. Let’s start with a definition. Shilajit is a mass that is bitter in taste, which, although solid in itself, dissolves well in water. It can be dark brown or black in color, its surface is smooth, sometimes as if polished (due to the fact that it has been formed for quite a long time). When heated, it softens and becomes more elastic. With the question: Shilajit, what is it figured out, it remains to answer the question: what heals.


Of the good characteristics, it can be distinguished that it gives strength to the human body, and in particular supports the work of the heart. Helps in the treatment of various stomach ulcers, diseases of the duodenum, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also used for ailments associated with the liver. Also for hemorrhoids, rheumatism, wounds, burns, headaches, migraines, chills, dizziness. This list could be continued for a long time, since the Shilajit has various useful properties and contraindications, the remedy is used for almost all diseases.

It will be useful to use the Shilajit instructions for use. It will help you determine if this remedy is right for you, and whether it applies to a particular ailment. The medicine can be sold both in its natural form and in ointments, tablets, gels.

Shilajit instructions for use describe to us the origin of this useful tool:

  • as a product of beekeeping. There is an opinion that Shilajit is a substance that bees secrete to seal honey;
  • like a rock. There is a version that this substance is the result of the formation of vapors, which, rising from the depths of the earth in mountain rocks and meeting with a lower temperature, solidified, as a result of which a kind of mountain wax was formed;
  • like a petroleum product. This opinion has developed because of the dark color of the substance;
  • like lichen. Because lichen accumulations and other versions are often found near the deposits of this product.

As we can see, opinions differ about the origin of this medicinal substance. Although the Shilajit has actively found its use, scientists are still studying its properties. In its natural form, it looks like a solid, hardened mass of almost black color, similar to wax. Her taste is bitter, the smell is resinous. One thing is for sure – a substance of organic origin. Shilajit has received quite a wide application: in medicine, cosmetology. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Which form of Shilajit is best

Shilajit is sold in several forms, including Pastes , capsules, powder, and liquid. There is no scientific evidence to suggest which form is best. Additionally, there are safety concerns when taking this or any supplement. Only thing matters is Laboratory Reports and Certifications. Beside this Quality matters , not the formation.


Shilajit Himalaya is a necessary thing in your home first aid kit. Medovey’s company offers you to purchase such a useful substance for many reasons:

  • the composition of the substance includes amino acids, which are useful in that they make up proteins – the building material in our body;
  • fulvic acids are also present, which help to improve metabolism;
  • wax-like mixtures, as well as resins and gums, which together have a positive effect on the digestion process, increase appetite;
  • zoomelanoedic and humic acids are also included, which are natural anticarcinogens;
  • benzine and hypuric acid are present, which serve as antiseptics;
  • Shilajit Himalaya application and instructions say that the composition includes albumins, which help in creating the protein of the blood system;
  • fatty organic acids are also present, which are a valuable building material for body cells;
  • polyphenolic complexes are also included in the substance, which resist free radicals, and can also perform anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects;
  • Shilajit Himalaya application and instructions say that it contains various vitamins;
  • thanks to terpinoids and steroids, our body receives organic analogues of hormones from the substance;
  • the composition also includes such useful elements as iron and manganese, copper and chromium, which have a positive effect on hormonal processes, the synthesis of certain blood particles, enzymes and other cells of the human body.

In addition, this substance is useful not only for internal use, but also as part of various masks and creams for hair and skin.


Shilajit tablets can often be found on sale in pharmacies, as they: Which form of Shilajit is best ?

  • have pronounced general strengthening properties for the body. I help to restore strength both after physical and mental stress;
  • Shilajit tablets use and instructions: what tool helps for better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially with gastritis or stomach ulcers;
  • Shilajit tablets are used in the treatment of problems of the musculoskeletal system. Since this substance accelerates wound healing, accelerates the process of bone tissue fusion, disinfects wounds (even purulent ones);
  • Shilajit in tablets use and instructions – the substance has a good effect on the body as a whole, has a rejuvenating effect. It slows down the aging process, promotes the retention of calcium in bone tissue, makes bones stronger and more resilient. A good natural antioxidant for the body;
  • Shilajit in tablets is also useful for human sexual health. The tool has established itself as “Indian Viagra”. Improves male sexual function, increases female libido, increases sexual desire due to natural ingredients;
  • popular as a treatment for stretch marks. A cream based on this substance is also popular in cosmetology. It helps well with stretch marks after pregnancy and earlier ones too. Shilajit is often included in recipes for masks, scrubs, ointments that solve skin problems, such as cellulite, acne, hives, and so on;
  • minerals and trace elements strengthen the general state of immunity, which contributes to the overall maintenance of health.


On the Shilajit, the reviews prove that this remedy really helps to get rid of a number of diseases, and is also often used to maintain natural beauty and youth. Unlike standard drugs, the effect on the body of this substance can be called delicate. You can not be afraid! An overdose of this drug is practically impossible, since in all pharmaceutical products the concentration of the substance is evenly distributed.

Helps Shilajit from stretch marks , as it has regenerating properties. It will help restore skin elasticity and appearance. Shilajit from stretch marks can also be used during pregnancy, as it is absolutely safe. Can also be used while breastfeeding. Also, the tool serves as a good prevention against the appearance of unwanted and so annoying stretch marks.

It is enough just to take a baby cream, dilute 4 gr. and add 1 tablespoon of water. Stir the resulting mixture until smooth. Then it is necessary to shift the mass into a sealed package, preferably a jar with a lid for further storage in the refrigerator. For best results, use the resulting ointment for four months. By regularly applying it to problem areas of the body, after a while you can notice the desired effect. The skin becomes smoother, firmer, and stretch marks turn white and soon disappear.

You can use Shilajit for hair . As a mask, it helps with hair loss. Shilajit for hair improves color saturation, makes them smooth, shiny, and also prevents split ends. Over time, the hair will become stronger and silkier. The recipe for a miraculous mask is simple:

  • it is necessary to take a ten percent solution of the substance and apply it to the scalp. You can do this with a spray gun. Leave on for 60 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat this procedure once every few days, for a month;
  • take a little shampoo, add a tablespoon of it to it. honey and two grams of the remedy. All this is thoroughly mixed and applied to the scalp, lightly rubbing into the roots. Leave the mask for half an hour, after which I wash my hair with shampoo.

After such simple procedures, the condition of the hair will noticeably improve, they will fall out much less, and growth will noticeably increase.

Our remedy for the face is also popular . It is an excellent remedy for the skin, as it contains substances that prevent the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and fading of the skin. Shilajit is one of the effective remedies that is used to rejuvenate the skin. Enough:

  1. Take a tablespoon of any face cream and combine it with fourteen grams of the product. Stir the mixture thoroughly, transfer to a jar in which it will be possible to store for a long time. Apply this mask before going to bed for 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.
  2. You can also make a relaxing mask from Shilajit. To do this, you need to take a teaspoon of Shilajit, two tbsp. l. chamomile and one hundred ml of water. Pour boiling water over the chamomile and boil over low heat for about three minutes. After that, it is necessary to strain the broth and mix with resin. The mass should have the consistency of sour cream. You can apply the mask at any time of the day for fifteen to twenty minutes. It relieves inflammation and fatigue.


Although the unique combination of useful components and trace elements makes the product in demand and popular, the price for Shilajit in pharmacies is very affordable, although not minimal.

In view of the value and uniqueness of the product, it is necessary to buy a Shilajit because the product brings much more benefits in relation to the money spent. Remember that the intake of the substance is absolutely incompatible with alcohol, and vice versa, it is perfectly absorbed with milk, juices, plain water, herbal, black or green tea.


In our online store you can buy Shilajit for both health and beauty. Delivery of goods is carried out in Moscow and throughout Russia. This mystery of nature is a unique remedy that has beneficial properties for maintaining the good condition of the whole organism. Take care of your own health too!. Which form of Shilajit is best ?

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