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What is shilajit and how to distinguish a fake

The Himalayan Mountains are a special place with unique weather conditions: the sun is highly active there, the air is rarefied, daily temperature drops reach 30 0 C. Such a climate is most favorable for the polymerization and mummification of biological substances: changes in their chemical composition and long-term preservation, which can be calculated for thousands of years.

The high-altitude caves of Himalayas are one of the few places on the planet that gave us a substance that is amazing in composition and properties, known to the whole world as Shialjit. Mountain Shialjit is a natural mineral-organic complex that includes more than 50, and according to some sources, about 85 minerals, vitamins, essential oils, proteins, amino and fatty acids. All these elements are of extraordinary value for the human body, which is proved by the 3000-year history of the use of this substance.

The current situation is such that, with great popularity and limited quantities, pharmacists resort to marketing tricks by releasing shilajit extracts into the market in the form of capsules and tablets. At the same time, without exaggeration, Shialjit, golden in its usefulness, undergoes barbaric purification processes, as a result of which it loses a third of its unique components.

Himalayan Shialjit has a not sharp, but very specific smell similar to oil. The texture is dark brown or black, uniform and resinous. It tastes bitter, and is completely soluble in water. It is important to remember that the structure and physical properties of shilajit change depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment: it must be kept closed, otherwise the product quickly loses moisture. If wet, raw Shialjit becomes sticky and shiny. To evaluate the quality of a product, remember it in your hands. Under the influence of heat, natural Shialjit will quickly become soft.

In the course of research, only Himalayan whole (liquid) shilajit was included in the official register of permitted additives, its composition is considered the most valuable for the human body.

Scientists and doctors do not know of another substance similar in composition to mountain resin. It is not surprising, because literally everything natural is involved in the creation of Shialjit: soil, climate, vegetation and living organisms of the mountains.

  • Amino acids  are responsible for protein metabolism. Their presence in the body helps to maintain beauty, produce collagen, and stay young longer.
  • Humic acids  – the most powerful antioxidants, cleanse the body of decay products;
  • Hippuric acid  prevents reproduction and kills pathogenic microflora ;
  • Gum and resins  for gastrointestinal health;
  • Iron, which is  responsible for the qualitative composition of the blood;
  • Essential oils  to maintain vitality;
  • Flavonoids  relieve inflammation, strengthen the heart and blood vessels;
  • A whole range of  vitamins and microelements,  as well as  about 30 elements of the periodic table.
كم يحتوى الشيلاجيت على معادن؟ ,الفيتامينات والمعادن في الشيلاجيت

Useful properties of worlds himalayan authentic shilajit

  • Regulation. The unique composition endowed active Shilajit with the ability to regulate the vital processes of the human body: by normalizing the balance of electrolytes, mountain resin activates natural defense mechanisms, helping to relieve the symptoms of the disease and get rid of the disease on its own.
  • Regeneration. Whole Shilajit has a beneficial effect on the recovery processes and helps to accelerate the healing of external and internal injuries. It is important that the use of Shilajit triggers the restoration of all body systems. For example, accelerating the fusion of a bone in a fracture, you can simultaneously get rid of peptic ulcer.
  • Slow down aging. Amino and humic acids, which are so rich in Shilajit, are powerful antioxidants. They rid the body of decay products and help to maintain not only external attractiveness, but also the youth of the whole organism.
  • biochemical balance. Shilajit has a unique reverse-opposite property to correct and normalize our biochemical parameters. Depending on the state of the body, it can calm/invigorate, lower/increase blood pressure, etc.
  • Removal of inflammation. The composition of the Himalayan Shilajit contains elements similar in action to penicillin. Mountain resin is an effective remedy for combating infectious diseases and various inflammatory processes.
  • Adaptation. Shilajit components activate internal forces, helping to endure physical and mental stress more easily, adapt to extreme conditions and a harmful environment. This effect becomes noticeable only with long-term regular use, but gives a long and lasting result.
  • Protection of the internal environment of the body. Mountain resin has a pronounced endoprotective property, cleans and disinfects not only organs, but also internal body fluids. This ability is especially useful to those who have been exposed to poisons, such as through chemotherapy.

Areas of application of Shilajit

Due to its amazing composition and a wide range of useful properties, Shilajit is used to normalize almost all body systems.

·  Musculoskeletal system.

Arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism and the like  respond well to treatment with Shilajit, since mountain resin tends to relieve pain and inflammation. To achieve maximum results, it is better to use the tool both internally and externally. Inside you can take Shilajit in tablets, but it is better to choose whole Himalayan – as we have already said, the value of its composition significantly exceeds the processed and modified Shilajit. The duration of use varies depending on the severity of the disease and on average is a 20-day course followed by a week break. You can repeat this technique for up to six months, supplementing it with compresses on an aqueous solution of Shilajit. You can simply apply the solution to the sore spot and wait until it is completely absorbed.

In case of fractures  , the regenerative properties of Shilajit can significantly reduce the period of bone fusion, as well as ensure normal blood flow and relieve pain.  While gypsum is applied, Shilajit is taken  orally 0.2-1 gram in the morning on an empty stomach, previously dissolved in water or milk. In order not to cause harm, the exact dosage must be clarified with your doctor!

After the plaster is removed, to speed up the rehabilitation period, lotions are applied to the damaged limb or an ointment is applied (Shilajit mixed with a regular cream).

·  Cardiovascular system

Whole Shilajit is able to normalize blood flow and strengthen the heart muscle and vascular walls. It is useful  for atherosclerosis, hypertension, varicose veins and thrombosis, recovery after heart attacks and heart surgery.  As a rule, such therapy does not bring quick, but true and lasting results. In view of the seriousness of the diseases, the intake of Shilajit in all these cases must be agreed with the attending physician, who will prescribe the amount of resin based on the age, weight and other characteristics of the patient. For example, hypotensive patients should take shilajit with great care and only under supervision.

Hematopoiesis  _

Studies have shown that humic acid has a beneficial effect on the level of hemoglobin in the blood and helps prevent iron deficiency anemia. This disease can occur under various circumstances: blood loss, improper diet, poor absorption of iron. The main symptoms of anemia include weakness and arrhythmia, chronic fatigue and frequent headaches, as well as poor blood supply to the upper and lower extremities. Himalayan shilajit, rich in humic acid and iron, helps to effectively relieve the symptoms of anemia, improve blood quality and hemoglobin levels.

Shilajit for Sciatica Pain

skin  diseases

Himalayan Himalayan is very widely used in cosmetology for the prevention of skin diseases. It is no less effective in the treatment of diseases such as  psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis . Mountain resin dissolves perfectly in water, so the main way to use Himalayan for skin diseases is lotions, compresses and washings. Himalayan ointment is considered a more troublesome, but effective remedy: in this case, the resin is pre-dissolved in a minimum amount of water and then mixed with a fatty base.

Gastrointestinal  tract and digestion

Whole mumijo relieves inflammation and pain and helps heal organs and mucous membranes in case of  peptic ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, and pancreatitis. In these cases, it is necessary to take the remedy inside the course prescribed by the attending physician. With hemorrhoids, in addition to taking Himalayan inside, the anus is lubricated with a water-honey mixture of Himalayan.

Neurological  disorders

For the treatment of  neurology, neuritis, migraines, stroke and even epilepsy  , a complex method of Himalayan is used: honey-water compresses, internal use, rubbing with alcohol infusion. Taking Himalayan inside helps with the complex treatment of  multiple sclerosis , which is caused by malfunctions in the immune system.

urogenital  system

For cystitis and other inflammations of the urinary tract,  douching with a 1% Himalayan solution in warm water is used. The course of treatment is about 10 days. At the same time, an aqueous solution of Himalayan is also taken orally.

Male and female infertility, decreased desire and sperm quality  can be prevented by taking 0.5 g of Himalayan on an empty stomach 2 times a day for 25-28 days. Typically, such a course does not require repetition, and a positive result is observed after the first 5-7 days of use.

Respiratory  organs

For the treatment of complex diseases such as bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, pleurisy, pneumonia, mountain resin is combined with other folk remedies, alcohol tinctures are made with herbs and honey, combined with licorice decoction. When coughing and sore throats, it is recommended to take an aqueous solution of Himalayan in the morning on an empty stomach, and during the day gargle with this solution.

Diseases  of the oral cavity

Natural antibiotics in the composition of the mumijo help it effectively eliminate inflammatory processes in the mouth and throat. For the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontitis, rinsing with a 3-5% aqueous solution, lubricating the oral cavity with a mixture of Himalayan and honey, as well as ordinary resorption is suitable.

These descriptions are for informational purposes and are not a call for self-treatment. The exact dosages of shilajit and the scheme of its use should be provided by a specialist, taking into account your individual characteristics.


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worlds himalayan authentic shilajit

Shilajit for weight loss

Mountain resin is an effective natural remedy for those who want to lose weight and improve their quality of life. The components of the Himalayan Shilajit contribute to

improvement of metabolism,

its purification from decay products,

normalization of cholesterol levels,

Accelerated fat burning

Reducing the feeling of hunger

withdrawal of excess fluid and removal of puffiness.

It is most effective to take Shilajit inside and outside in the form of wraps and baths.

The course of admission is designed for approximately 20 days, during which to reduce the consumption of fatty and fried foods and completely eliminate any alcohol. To achieve a lasting result, you may need 3-4 such courses with a break of at least 7 days.

Shilajit should be taken orally 2 times a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed no earlier than 2 hours after dinner.

The optimal single serving of Shilajit is calculated based on body weight: up to 70 kg – 0.2 g, up to 80 kg – 0.3 g, up to 90 kg – 0.4 g, over 90 kg – 0.5 g.

Shilajit has a characteristic bitter resinous taste, therefore, to facilitate its intake, it is dissolved in water or milk with the addition of honey.

Wraps using whole shilajit are a great way to maintain the beauty of the skin, get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. For the best effect, before wrapping, you should steam the skin and clean it with a scrub.


Paste with Shilajit for body wraps: 

Mix 20 drops of orange/grapefruit/lemon/juniper essential oil of your choice with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Dissolve 5 g of Shilajit (the size of a small grape) in a minimum amount of water. Mix with oil and cinnamon and dilute with water to the desired consistency. Apply the resulting paste to problem areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks. Wrap with cling film and leave for 40-60 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and apply moisturizer.

Bath with Shilajit: 

pre-dissolve 5 g of Shilajit in 1 liter of water and add the resulting solution to a filled bath at a pleasant temperature. To enhance the effect of the procedure, it is advisable to pre-steam the skin in a bath or sauna. It is better to take mummy baths while sitting or reclining so that the chest area is above the water level. Baths with mountain resin are prohibited at elevated temperatures or general malaise. If you feel any discomfort (dizziness, weakness), you should immediately stop the procedure.


Drink with Shilajit for weight loss:

  in 300 ml of warm water, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of natural honey, 1.5 teaspoons of grated ginger, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice and 0.2 g of whole Himalayan Shilajit. Infuse the resulting mixture for one and a half hours. Taking this drink twice a day 2 hours before meals, you will significantly reduce the feeling of hunger, saturate the body with vitamins and start the metabolism.

Shilajit: recommendations for use and contraindications

Himalayan whole Shilajit is an absolutely natural, natural product without carcinogens and toxic substances. To date, there are no specific contraindications to taking mountain resin, however, with excessive or prolonged use, discomfort and allergic reactions may occur.

It is important to understand that Shilajit is a powerful biological stimulant and, when interacting with drugs, can lead to unpredictable consequences. That is why we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before taking the resin.

In each case and disease, the doctor prescribes the dosage, but there are also general recommendations in accordance with body weight.

A single dose of mummy should not exceed 0.2 g for people weighing up to 70 kg, 0.3 g – up to 80 kg, 0.4 g – up to 90 and 0.5 g for those whose weight exceeds 90 kg.

Shilajit should be taken on an empty stomach after waking up and before going to bed no earlier than 2 hours after dinner. Throughout the course of admission, it is necessary to abandon alcohol and alcohol-containing drugs.

So that the taste is not so bitter, Shilajit can be dissolved in water or milk, honey or lemon juice can be added.

The average course of treatment is 20-25 days with a mandatory break of at least 7 days.

Shilajit for children

The richest composition of mountain resin in the absence of strict contraindications makes Shilajit an excellent helper for a growing child’s body. It has been successfully used to heal wounds, bruises and fractures; relieve inflammation and discomfort in the oral cavity, as a source of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the full development of the child.

Shilajit is given to children in much smaller quantities, based on the age of the child: a single dose from 3 months to 1 year – no more than 0.02 g, 1-9 years old – 0.05 g, up to 14 years old – up to 0.1 g. But , as in the case of adults, the exact dosage and method of administration should be calculated by a specialist.

The main difficulty when using Shilajit for children is that it is difficult to separate such a small dose of the drug by eye. For this, a solution is used: 1 g of Shilajit is dissolved in 10 teaspoons of pure water. 1 teaspoon of the resulting solution is equal to the required 0.01 g of Shilajit.

Examples of the use of Shilajit for children:

Adenoids and runny nose . Shilajit-based drops will help relieve inflammation, swelling of the mucous membrane and prevent the growth of bacteria. Dissolve 20 mg of resin in 50 mg of water and instill 3-5 drops into each nostril three times a day. The course is 10 days.

For colds and coughs  , you should dissolve the required amount of Shilajit (see the age of the child) in warm milk, you can add a spoonful of natural honey. Drink up to 3 times a day. Be sure to be on an empty stomach in the morning. The drink calms, relieves coughing attacks and sputum discharge. As an immune stimulating milk with Shilajit, take a course of up to 7 days, followed by a break of 5 days and a repeated prophylactic weekly course.

Bruises, fractures, sprains. To accelerate the fusion and healing of bone, cartilage and articular tissues, a complex intake of Shilajit will help: inside in a dosage according to age and externally in the form of water lotions.

Children’s infectious diseases. Shilajit can significantly alleviate the condition of a child with chickenpox, whooping cough, scarlet fever. Skin rashes are treated with an aqueous solution, the resin is taken inside in accordance with age dosages.

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